In the world of online marketing, Reputation Management is the process of influencing the information that exists about a person or business throughout the Internet. Your website plays a role in this process, but most of the information in question lives on other websites. These include directories – Google My Business and Yelp are the most important for most industries – as well as social media sites, news websites, and blogs.

Review Monitoring on Buzroo to help with Reputation ManagementThe nature of this content is that it is user generated. Since you, as a business owner, do not write the content, you can never completely control it. Instead, you can learn to be aware of the conversations that are happening that involve your brand. If something negative comes up, there is often an opportunity to learn and improve. And with appropriate efforts, you can encourage your customers to spread the best qualities of your business far and wide. We like to think of this as the process of cultivating your digital landscape.

Key elements of the reputation management process include:

  • Monitoring review sites for new reviews
  • Making sure your information on all review sites is accurate and complete
  • Internally addressing issues if a negative review occurs
  • Responding to negative reviews (sometimes publicly, other times privately)
  • Responding to positive reviews (sometimes publicly, other times privately)
  • Monitoring social media and blog sites for mentions of your brand, and responding as appropriate
  • Monitoring news sites for mentions of your brand
  • Looking for opportunities to be quoted in a news story or otherwise get positive news coverage of your brand

To help you with many of the steps above, Pasternack Marketing has been developing a suite of web-based software tools called Buzroo. The image above contains a screenshot of the Buzroo Review Monitoring tool. Stay tuned for the official Buzroo release coming soon!