Audience Engagement

Not all people who find their way to your website are ready to buy. Depending on your business, the average customer might take days or even years to make a purchase. This is when audience engagement needs to enter the picture.

Our audience engagement services utilize marketing automation software to increase the number of leads and convert more of those leads into customers. Your marketing and sales efforts will be better integrated, and you will be better equipped to track and improve your ROI.

Our marketing automation setup process includes:

  • Prospect persona assessment
  • Prospect segment setup
  • Customer funnel definition
  • Creation of workflows based on appropriate triggers
  • Creation of calls to action, landing pages, and custom forms
  • Setup of lead scoring system and sales alerts
  • Strategy for the alignment of your marketing and sales efforts

After setup, we can help you on a monthly basis with:

  • Online behavior monitoring
  • Refinement of lead scoring system
  • Addition of new workflows, calls to action, landing pages, and custom forms
  • A/B testing
  • Analysis of results