WordPress Training

Since its launch in 2003, WordPress has become the most popular website content management system by far. Almost a quarter of all websites use this powerful system.

Founder Ira Pasternack has been providing in-person and online WordPress trainings since 2010, and Pasternack Marketing now offers training and support for all levels. If we develop a website for you, our team will identify your ongoing needs and provide the proper training so you can keep the site fresh and current in the future. Other training options include:

Introduction to WordPress – Discover if WP is the right solution for you. Define your objectives, plan your website strategy, and discover the pros and cons of WP.

Help building a new WordPress site – Have you started to build a WP site and gotten stuck? Make a list of your questions and we will help you with the answers. If, on the other hand, you want us to build your site, we can teach you to manage it.

Managing an existing WordPress site – Bring us your questions and we’ll help you take control of your site. Many of our clients have great sites, but are unable to add or edit content and features because the original developer is now unavailable or too expensive.

Custom one-on-one or group training is available at our office, your office, or online. Contact us for details.