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Dealing with Ghost/Spam Traffic in Google Analytics

Over the past few months, a previously minor issue with Google Analytics has exploded into a huge problem. This GA referral spam, or ghost traffic, takes the form of fake traffic to your website. The apparent objective of these spammers

Content Marketing Tips for Local Businesses

To continue the discussion I began in the last post about why Content Marketing is important, today I will provide some tips to help local businesses develop content. The starting point will generally be your website. The exact content on your site will

The Collaborative Nature of a Successful PPC Campaign

When getting started with digital marketing campaigns, many business owners think they can hand off the project to a pay-per-click expert who will take care of all the work. While your PPC specialist should be able to do the bulk

Local Online Marketing in 2015

Rachel Lindteigen’s recent article in, “Google Maps, Yelp & Local SEO In 2015“, provides an excellent review of the current state of Local SEO.   Much has changed in the past year, due to Google’s “Pigeon” algorithm update, which